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The Mermaid of Agawam Bay

The perfect beach read, for the young and the young-at-heart!


Do you recall a time in your life when you still believed anything was possible? Join Allie and Chris and let yourself drift back to those carefree summer days, when magic was found at twilight each evening, and fireflies might possibly be fairies...

Agawam Bay is a coastal town full of secrets and sea-faring tales. When 12-year-old Allie arrives for summer vacation, she finds herself immediately drawn into the town’s mysterious past. Someone leaves a cryptic note for Allie, stating they’ve seen the mermaid in Agawam Bay, and she is determined to investigate.

Allie pairs up with Chris, a boy her age who’s an aspiring reporter, and together they dive deep into the town’s ancient legend of a sea captain and mermaid’s ill-fated romance.

While investigating a suspicious newcomer to town who bears an uncanny resemblance to the celebrated mermaid, Allie and Chris stumble on another mystery: a key, and a hand-drawn treasure map with a puzzling quatrain:

"Between Rapunzel’s Tower and the Lake of Tears
The Tree of Knowledge holds the key
The Stones will sing when the time is right
The Dragon’s Head will point the way"

With the help of a lovable Newfoundland dog, Allie and Chris put together the clues and unravel both mysteries, making new friends and unforgettable summer memories along the way.


This book includes five authentic New England recipes, which are prepared by the characters.

“Believe in everything…until there’s a reason not to.” – Mr. Danforth, a character in The Mermaid of Agawam Bay






Available on, in paperback and e-book format! Read for free with Kindle Unlimited! Click here


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