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The Artifact (sci-fi flash fiction) - Some things are meant to stay buried


Snow (sci-fi flash fiction) - It might look like snow, but the truth is terrifying

The Ice Cream Man (sci-fi flash fiction) - He knows exactly what you need

The Final Rewind (sci-fi flash fiction) - Can Michael break the incessant loop of a tragic day?


The Misfit (sci-fi flash fiction) - Chandra was always just a bit... different


Strangers (general short fiction) - a mysterious mourner may hold the key to a woman's past


Foxfire (flash CNF) - a thunderstorm on a lake in Maine


Cranberry Town (micro CNF) - the story of my hometown


Flowers for Veronica  (paranormal short fiction) - a woman discovers she and her cat are not the only residents in her new house


The Blue Song (flash fiction) - a siren's call is too enticing to resist


Ghosts of Tortellini Past (flash CNF with recipe) - a woman is comforted by the presence of deceased family members as she cooks to cope with her loss


Cheers (paranormal flash fiction) - Ryan finds himself at one of his favorite haunts with no recollection of how he arrived


No Dogs Allowed (middle-grade fantasy flash fiction) - On a family camping trip, Lizzie thinks she's seen a creature that only exists in the movies. Right?


The Snow Globe (holiday flash fiction) - sometimes the best gift is helping someone remember the love they've been blessed with


The Call (fantasy)  - Ten year-old Kira, affectionately called  "The Butterfly Whisperer"  by her family, undergoes a metamorphosis and is shown her true destiny


Riding the Rails (paranormal flash fiction) - a Good Samaritan endeavors to help a young woman


Scratch (horror flash fiction) - there's something waiting for Cassie in the cellar of her new home


Dreadful (horror flash fiction) - Nina has a an invisible friend


The Christmas Ham (general short fiction) - In a post-apocalyptic world, a couple in their twilight years decides to regain control of their fate...with surprising consequences


Beneath the Waves ( flash fiction fantasy) - A child is tempted by the secret world beneath the sea

The King (flash fiction fantasy) - An enigmatic stranger draws followers...but what is his secret?


How Does Your Garden Grow (horror) - Organic gardening takes on a new meaning


The Cottage (fairy tale) - A wish granted from an unexpected source leads Jack to a crossroads with heaven and hell hanging in the balance


The Tin Foil Angel (holiday) - a family devastated by misfortune and loss experiences a Christmas miracle


Just We Two  (horror) - Amanda brings home a second-hand doll for her mother's collection, but soon discovers three's a crowd


The Ghost of Spivey Island (middle-grade horror) - three 12 year old boys attempt to conjure up the spirit of a 1920's gangster


Flights of Fancy (fantasy) - Jenna has a magical experience at age 10, leading to an epiphany at age 16


Unearthed (horror) - Matt purchases a bootlegger's abandoned property, and gets more than he bargained for


Maggie's Tree  (general short fiction) - told from a stately oak tree's perspective, the story follows a young woman from childhood to motherhood


The Typewriter (paranormal) - Claire is tormented by her classmates, but after buying a second-hand typewriter, she discovers a way to turn the tables


Hospitality, New Hampshire (horror) - a lone female traveler becomes stranded in a snowstorm and seeks aid in an isolated town


The Fortune Teller (general short fiction) - a woman struggling with her newly single status gets caught up in a fortune teller's strange reading

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